SmartTool Module
SmartTool Module
SmartTool Module
SmartTool Module

SmartTool Module

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The SmartTool Module fits perfectly into our Mosely S12 or use independently (6.5"). Press fits back into our Mosely S12 and connect with other Mosely Infinity Levels to desired length.

Purchase with a Trade Set for optimal use.

Product Description:
Using custom patented sensor technology, SmartTool has been the digital level leader for over 20 years.  Displaying in degrees, % slope or inches per foot, it is accurate to 1/10 of a degree and holds the best accuracy of any digital level on the market that MD has tested.  Its 9V battery (included) runs for over 500 hours and has the ability to beep at any angle you choose.  Comes with a soft sided carrying case

   - Used for carpentry, construction, industrial, American Disabilities Act (ADA), plumbing
   - Large LCD screen reads well from different angles
   - Listen & Level™ is ideal for poorly lit areas.
   - Shuts off automatically after 5 minutes of not being used
   - Display flips over with level for easy reading
   - Custom, patented inclinometer sensor
   - Displays in Degrees, % Slope, or Inches/Foot
   - Accuracy to 1/10th Degree
   - 500 hour 9-volt battery life is 50 times most competitors 
   - Easy to calibrate at both level and plumb for 360 degree accuracy 
   - US based technical support and customer service
   - Made in the USA
   - Over 2,500,000 sold

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