Mosely Infinity Level

Own Your Work.

A Productivity Tool

Mosely is good labor, 100% referred with great reviews. PLUS, comes with a 60 day 'try it' GUARANTEE.

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Own Your Work.

Trade Sets

Mosely's can be used independently or together by simply connecting to the configuration and length needed. It's a level, straightedge, square, ledger that's extendable, attachable, adjustable for more accurate installs.

Trade Sets Components

Keeps getting better

+ Features

- 3-way Connection System
- Durable Anodized Finish
- Fine Adjustment Knobs
- SmartTool Compatible
- Detactable Mini LED Light
- Replaceable / Adjustable Vials
- Strong Neodymium Magnets
- Embedded Fasteners
- Easy Clamp Areas
- Anti-slip Backing
- Laser Etched Ruler
- Removeable End Caps
- CNC Machined Accuracy
- Compact Storage
- Made in the USA

Customer Reviews


It is well built. The edges run true and joints are tight. Great innovation and execution.

Eric Erskine

Greenville PA


I love the fact that you can breakdown an 8' level into a nice compact tool box.

Jeremy Pitcher

Jewett IL


Amazing, well built. Very fast and accurate way to square and plumb doors. I can't even look at my stabila levels.

Dobri Michev

Ocean City MD


I have used it everyday since it arrived. The ability to attach to the wall and level at the same time is the bomb!

Joseph Van Wyck

Clayton NC


Application to job is simple and solid. Micro adjustment is easy and precise.

Eric Oxelson

Madera CA


I bought the level a couple years ago and found it to be very versatile. Perfect for so many different jobs.

Steven Rodriques

Middletown RI


Quality is far more superior than any other levels I've come across. Truly a game changer.

Robert Boswell

Ranton NM


Extremely configurable, love the ability to quickly pin one side and adjust the other end.

David Tay

Santa Clara CA


Saves me a lot of time and money, has many advantages. Innovative tool well done guys.

Drew Hays

Gosford NSW, Australia