Our Story

START of an Idea
I grew up in the trades working with my dad and 5 brothers. One day, I saw my tile guy with a level, a straightedge and screws, working on installing a ledger on 3 walls. It was a time consuming process.

That was the beginning, could we make the level ALSO be a ledger that extends and is adjustable? I set out to solve this question and the idea expanded, literally, into what we call the Mosely Infinity Level. The Mosely is named after my oldest son and with each production run it keeps getting better. 

Mike with first prototype

Our patent was issued in 2016 and we are now heading into our 5th version of product development. I believe the best ideas come from the people doing the work and I'm super appreciative of all the great feedback and help along the way. I wouldn't have gotten this far without good people.

I'm definitely enjoying the ride and I want to put out a great product that will stand the test of time and make your job faster and easier. Thanks for taking the time to read and cheers to building great things.

Michael Lueck

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