Slow and Steady... Product in Stock...

I drove to Boise ID to pick up product the end of last week and have been assembling and shipping this week.  We ran a small quantity of green, accented with black.  I like this color combination.  I’m hoping the new laser etched measurement scale on the top becomes a useful feature.  This is our first go at it, so I’m sure there will be feedback on how to improve as it gets tested.


We finally got our 5 inch extensions/jamber sets sent out that were back ordered.  Thanks to all our VIP’s who were patiently waiting, you are the first to get these.  I hope the extra stuff we included made it worth the wait.  I’ve been playing with the extensions and I’m really excited to see how they expand the sets capabilities.  One quick application I found is turning them into a small speed square for framing layout.  We’re playing with some ideas to make 16” and 24” on center layouts quicker.  Also, the extensions make T and L squares more convenient while keeping the combination of levels lighter. 

We have all these ideas to show the full capabilities but we are just not ready to implement.  I get excited just thinking about the next steps but for now slow and steady is our motto.  Our focus has been volume manufacturing and we’re close to having that in place.  

Lastly, our ‘Freedom’ offer from July for free shipping is still good.  Just type in ‘freedom’ at checkout to redeem offer.  Some of you already know this.  Stay tuned and we’ll post as things develop. 


Michael Lueck
President - Mosely Infinity Level