New Changes Are Coming...

This past week I went out of state to visit our new manufacturer.  We made a few minor changes to the level body to speed up machine time and reduce costs.  Our levels are still 100% USA made while now being sourced out in 4 different states and assembled in California.  We’ve had a few setbacks this last month but we’ve made adjustments and it looks like we’ll have new product and inventory by the middle/late August. 

New changes are coming.  We added a measurement scale on the top of the levels to further help with layout.  It’s in inches but we may eventually offer a metric scale.  We’ve discovered that our adjustment knobs are a perfect place to store a carpenters pencil :). Cool and handy (see picture), we’ve ordered some pencils with our logo and will include one in every order.  

We are a small company that's building a great team.  Big companies may have deeper pockets, established connections, but we’re able to think outside the box and adjust to real application on the fly.  Innovative ideas come from the people doing the work, please keep sharing, we are listening.  We are still considered a long shot underdog, we think we’re worth betting on.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading…

Michael Lueck
President - Mosely Infinity Level