New Website & Volume Manufacturing

We shipped all pre-orders a few weeks back which was a huge milestone for us.  We hope all who supported us fully enjoy their new levels.  We still have a ways to go to fully showcase what our Mosely can do but we are taking steps everyday.  We'll be launching a new 'How To Use' series in August showing you how to save time using your Mosely's.  

We just launched our new website with new packages and pricing.  The new site also helps us streamline the sales process (we're trying to be professional).  Our black anodized levels are back-ordered for a few more weeks but we still have the Billet Aluminum version available now.  Which I personally think looks awesome.

This past month we've been working on volume manufacturing to lower our costs and open up distribution opportunities.  We have sourced several great manufacturers and we're excited to build these new relationships.  We are also working on an Affiliate Program which we're hoping to launch in Aug-Sept.  This will give sellers a great opportunity to make money helping us sell our product.  There's more going on and we'll be posting more frequently as events and news happen.  

Thank you for your interest and remember to 'Own Your Work.'  
Michael Lueck
President - Mosely Infinity Level