Best Hardware Product – Retailers’ Choice @ NHWS

Las Vegas NV, May 07, 2015 — NRHA recognized 30 products during the Retailers’ Choice Awards Ceremony at the National Hardware Show®, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.  “Home improvement retailers and consumers love new products, and the Retailers’ Choice Awards program recognizes those selected by a panel of retailers they feel are unique, interesting and hold a great promise for sales in their stores,” says Dan Tratensek, NRHA’s vice president of publishing and publisher of Hardware Retailing magazine.

“In addition to winning this award, we were able to connect with many national retailers across the US and beyond. The Retailers’ Choice Award gave us even more creditability and opened the door for us to pitch our product to people we might not have met otherwise. Thank you NRHA! It is great to be recognized as innovative,” – Michael Lueck, President, The Mosely Infinity Level.

About Mosely Infinity Level
With its patented and patent-pending features, the Mosely Infinity Level is a new, versatile construction tool designed to make your work more efficient.

Highlighted Features:

  • MULTI-TRADE: With a diverse range of functionality, it appeals to a variety of trades.

  • SCALABLE: Comes in 1ft and 2ft sections and can be scaled. Can also be connected at a 90 degree angle from either level surface.

  • MULTI-TOOL: Turns into multiple tools including: an L or T square that reads plumb and level, drywall square, straightedge, plate level, jamber set, digital option, etc.

  • FINE ADJUST KNOBS: Use as a level ledger with fine tune adjustment knobs.

  • HANDS-FREE: Strategically placed holes allow the Mosely Infinity Level to be attached for hands free use.

  • CONVENIENCE: Breaks down easily for storage and traveling. Fits into a 28” toolbox.

  • TIME SAVINGS: Time saving tool with better results.